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Founded in 1995, Westminster Business Consultants is a dynamic Junior Enterprise run by students of the University of Westminster.


1995 – Formation of WBC as a Junior Enterprise specialising in marketing, promotions and research on a National and European level

2001 – WBC is accredited with the JADE International Project Standard (IPS)

2002 – August: Launch of WBC website version 1.o

2002 – October: WBC has set-up its subsidiary Westminster Business Association and membership is open to all student of the University of Westminster. The objective of creating Westminster Business Association is to facilitate interaction among Business Students interested in all areas of the business world and to offer our members a competitive edge in the world market place, both during their studies at the University of Westminster as well as in their future Career.

2003 – January: New website launched version 2.0

2003 – July: The European Consulting Circle was created as a close co-operation between the Junior Enterprises EADE (Castéllon, Spain), JBB (Bayreuth, Germany) and WBC (London, United Kingdom) in July 2003. It is the aim of this partnership to promote the idea of Junior Enterprises and the European Network JADE, to improve the international knowledge transfer and the personal development of all members of the participating Junior Enterprises. These aims will be achieved with regular training exchange, meetings of members and co-operation in consulting projects. The close relationship between these Junior Enterprises also improves the capacities and skills for international projects.

2004 – “Study at WBC as part of your degree.” This was a level 6 (3rd year) opportunity to work at WBC and gain 15 credits. A similar module was also available at level 2 for 15 credits through ‘Learn while you earn’.

2004 – May: WBC publishes its first commercial ad in Better-Business magazine, throughout May 2004.

2004 – July:  ‘Skills required by the Junior Entrepreneur’ event organized by WBC which was to be held at the University of Westminster on 18th June 2004. This was done in association with Barclays, European Confederation of Junior Enterprises, Microsoft, Accenture, Altran, Dale Carnegie Training, Hilton and London Stock Exchange.

2004 – August: WBC interview with Citigroup, SouthWest Airlines, Reuban Singh and with Y & R

2004 – September: Altran UK and WBC Partnership – Westminster Business Consultants and Altran UK will be holding a partnership agreement ceremony on 28th September at Westminster Business School.

2004 – December: WBC co-founded the first UK Confederation of Junior Enterprises on Friday 10th December 2004. Named JADE UK, its aim is to promote the Junior Enterprise concept in all UK universities and businesses.

2005 – New WBC website version 3.0

2006 – Westminster Business Consultants have recently signed an partnership intension agreement with EDHEC Junior Enterprise based in Lille, France.

2006 – July: New WBC website version 4.0

2007 – March: Formation of the University of Westminster Enterprise Club. Julian Metcalf from Pret-A-Manger gave an inspiring speech to an engaged audience, who overwhelmingly requested more events in the future.

2007 – November: Following a recent change in the JADE UK board (The National organisation of Junior Enterprises), there were developments with the inclusion of an upcoming new Junior Initiative in Cambridge.

2008 – New WBC Logo and slogan. New WBC website version 5.0

2009 – New WBC website version 6.0

2010 – New WBC website version 7.0

2010 – MarchMost International Junior Enterprise 2010

2010 – November: WBC celebrates its 15th anniversary!

2011 – New WBC website version 8.0

2011 – MarchMost International Junior Enterprise 2011

2012 –

2013 –

2014 – New WBC website version 9.0

2015 – New WBC website version 10.0

2015 – MarchMost International Junior Enterprise 2015

2015 –  November: WBC celebrates its 20th anniversary!

2016 – New WBC website version 11.0