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Industries & Case Studies


In the past, WBC has engaged with clients and worked on engagements from a diverse range of industries in the UK, Western, Central and Eastern European market as well as overseas. The industries include:

  1. Automotive
  2. Aviation
  3. Banking and Finance
  4. FMCG
  5. Digital
  6. Education
  7. Food & Beverage
  8. Manufacturing
  9. Technology
  10. Media & Entertainment
  11. Non-profit
  12. Oil & Gas – Petroleum
  13. Retail
  14. Telecommunications
  15. Travel & Leisure

Examples of Past Projects


  • Auto market research and analysis for European car manufacturers

  • Market research for an international car accessories manufacturer

Banking & Finance

  • Interviews and reports


  • Working with national postal company to provide industry research, short-term IT and project support


  • Student focused research to identify potential changes in feedback systems

  • Research for a consortium of university buyers


  • Customer satisfaction surveys and reports


  • Writing business plans and financial planning for golf clubs and gyms 


  • UK competition survey for an Italian small appliance firm


  • Working with a UK housing association to develop an innovative exchange 

  • Re-branding charity material, with website, database and alternative funding options


  • Delivering on-line research from UK and Ireland medical facilities and customer surveys for new brands


  • Financial research and analysis – alternative costing structures

  • Market research for a French bakery chain

  • Study into use and perception of promotional inflatables 


  • Market overviews


  • German speeches

  • Eastern European translation for high street retail chain

Case Studies

University of Westminster

Research, Event Marketing & Promotion and Event Support:

Business Bites

WBC is assisting Westminster Business School (WBS) with Business Bites- Short-Program Courses which will be starting this September at WBS. The modules taught will be tailored for senior employees working in SME’s to enhance their skills (mostly adapting to IT and using Online Tools). In the first stage WBC has compiled a list of prospective organisations to whom the Short-Programmes will be marketed. This involves desk research, assisting WBS with marketing the courses and leveraging relationships with associated organisations, benchmark pricing and emailing organisations to inform them about this new course. (eg recommend-a-friend emails).

During the courses WBC will be managing the attendees who will have booked via Amiando, carry out pre-event reporting and manage the event for each modules including assisting with programme materials production, sending reminder emails, on-the-day registration/badges and general hosting, plus gathering and inputting feedback.


Junior ESSEC Conseil

Market Research:

Contracts Management

This project focused on the way contracts are managed in the UK. The aim was to find out how companies of various sizes deal with the contracts within their organisations and how familiar they are with online solutions for contract management. Some of the questions we looked into included how contracts are stored, what software is being used and what the preferred software functionalities are, to name a few.

Market Research:

Pan-European Survey

On this occasion we were contacted by our partner in France to conduct a telephone survey on behalf of the European Commission. The survey took place in 80 cities across Europe and WBC was responsible for questionnaire administration in 4 key cities in the UK. Targeting company owners and company directors, the research aimed to find out about the business support services available from the local authorities, awareness of these services and levels of satisfaction.


The Mayor’s Thames Festival

Market Research:

Analyse Visitors Behaviour and Improvise Marketing Strategy

The Mayor’s Thames Festival is an annual free festival delivered by the Thames Festival Trust and attracts more than 825,000 visitors. WBC will help them in doing market research to profile their visitors. The results would help them to improve their future marketing efforts and present their prospective sponsors with adequate information.

This project involved designing an appropriate questionnaire, data collection on the day of the festivals, data cleaning and analysis and writing a final report to submit to the client.


Natasha Salkey

Website Redesign:

To increase online Sales

NatashaSalkey.com is a website created and owned by Natasha. The website is her online presence and she wanted to make it much closer to the functionality of the real shop. Her inspiration was a book-looking design, as she believes that customers are influenced by the emotion of the jewellery, not just the pieces of designed expensive metal.

Her main aim is to increase traffic and effective sales from the website, and to make the website more interactive and creative.WBC helped her increase the traffic to her website, made her online shop more attractive and increased her revenue from online sales.