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The Junior Enterprise Concept

What is a Junior Enterprise?

The Junior Enterprise Concept is based on combining academic theory with the world of business. Students’ consulting enterprises gathered in JADE are neither academic scientific circles nor enterprises set up by alumni. Those enterprises are wholly managed by students of the best European universities. The most talented and most experienced of them perform rotary executive functions and conduct projects for various customers in different sectors. Those who are inexperienced in the consulting field participate in the activities of the JE such as projects and networking, where they gradually learn skills useful for their future career.

Junior Enterprises have a status of being not-for-profit organisations. This is due to the fact that they are able to offer the most competitive prices in the consulting market. At the same time, their priority is to maintain high quality in the services rendered, which is guaranteed by international quality standards and many references from satisfied clients. Members of Junior Enterprise do not receive permanent salary for their work. The JE’s revenue is spent on statutory aims, mainly professional trainings and foreign meeting trips and exchanges with other JE’s across Europe and Brazil.

The idea of a Junior Enterprise is not connected with any particular branch of business or domain of knowledge. Each of the JE’s specialise in services that are compatible with the specialisation and academic background of its members.

How does a JE work?

Junior Enterprise is the most effective and unique form of additional activity during studies. It is an enterprise set up and managed by students. They have the opportunity to develop and put into practice what they have learnt in higher education by  being involved in a working environment.

Junior Enterprise due to its specific character is not a typical enterprise. The very first difference is the fact that Junior Enterprise is a non-profit organization. The main idea of setting up and working in a students’ enterprise is not earning money, but learning skills useful in further professional career and training yourself in managing a team of people, project or even the whole organization.

Moreover, members of students’ consulting enterprises place a lot of emphasis on promoting entrepreneurship and knowledge about business among their peers.

Junior Enterprise operates in B2B market. In order to gain client’s trust and credit we treat high quality of performed projects with the biggest important priority, which is a flagship of the enterprises federated in JADE.

The activity of Junior Enterprises is to a large measure connected with the issue of managing projects, because each order coming from a client is a project. The composition of project team is individually settled for every particular order, similarly with budget and time of realization. Working in a Junior Enterprise is a great opportunity to learn a lot about that nowadays very useful area of business.

The key element of efficient activity of a Junior Enterprise is well-considered structure, which allows to realize projects and transfer knowledge effectively, especially taking into consideration wide fluctuation of consultants in organization and variation of project teams.

Benefits of JE

Are you thinking about advantages and disadvantages of setting up a new or joining already existing student’s consulting enterprise?

It is the best possible way of development your skills during studies! The activity in a Junior Enterprise is connected with many benefits, for example:

  • Gaining experience, wider than during internships in typical enterprises,
  • A chance to gain plenty of soft skills and to reforge your weaknesses into strong points in a friendly atmosphere,
  • Gaining unique knowledge that will be useful in your future professional career,
  • Making contacts with ambitious people, who may be a strong inspiration for your future prospects.

If you would like to join us or have any questions concerning the organisation and running of a Junior Enterprise, please feel free to contact us and send an email to international@wbc-uk.com.