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Diligence and precision are two vital qualities that every great consultant must possess. It is not only extremely important that a consultant takes great care in the delivery of services but it is also crucial that they demonstrate a good eye for detail. Diligence and precision are paramount in ensuring that trust is built with clients, which isn’t only a reflection of the consultant but also that of the company they represent.

Diligence can be considered a virtue of hard work, assiduity; having a diligent behaviour indicates strong ethics. Moreover, precision (or accuracy) is the state or quality of being precise (exactness).03-04-02-Due-Diligence-Studies

A tip that is essential to ensuring you maintain diligence and precision as a consultant is proof reading and recalculating everything. This will ensure that spelling errors, grammatical errors, miscalculations and font consistency can be checked before reaching the client.

By: Miss┬áPriscilla Abeyie – WBC Juniour Consultant