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Westminster Business Consultants are back and ready for new challenges this academic year! After the recruitment of our new consultants, a successful Handover Ceremony and new partnerships, many new projects are on-going.

We would like to give a big and warm welcome to the new consultants in our team! Every year we look for students who are driven, dedicated and want to be passionate junior entrepreneurs at WBC.

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The new consultants went through a comprehensive selection process, which tested their competences and core skills. The end result is a dedicated and unwavering team of 32 members. Offering them training, opportunities to work on real life projects and being a part of the UK Junior Enterprise movement can assure us that they attain key transferrable skills and achieve personal development.

The change has not only been for the new junior consultants but also for our very own management team. Members of the last year’s WBC team were appointed to take on-board management roles. By changing the team dynamic, it will give us a fresh perspective within WBC to come up with new ideas and encourage innovation. Hence, a whole year at WBC can offer junior consultants the opportunity to take up management positions in the future.

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The WBC team hosted the Annual Handover Ceremony at the University of Westminster’s Regent Campus on 13th of November to introduce the new team to the alumni and international partners as well as celebrate the 20th anniversary of WBC and not to forget the unveiling of our new logo.

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The evening gave us a chance to showcase our achievements and progress, whilst allowing our guests to socialise and network. The Handover Ceremony provided the new team members an occasion to gain invaluable insights from the alumni and establish a better relationship with our international partners. We were also proud to introduce a new Junior Enterprise in the UK, JE Brighton.

We would like to bid farewell to the former members of the management team, who have now passed on the responsibilities to our new managers. With that in mind, the WBC team would like to take this opportunity to thank our outgoing team. We appreciate your dedication to WBC over the past year and value your input within the Junior Enterprise. We are proud to continue from where you left and wish you the best for the future.

This year we have lots of things to look forward to, including our ever-expanding partnerships. Our recent partnerships include JeHEG and University of Westminster Economics & Finance Society.

To end, we would like to invite you to explore our new and improved WBC website! Furthermore, if you would like to hear about exciting news and upcoming projects, make sure to like/follow our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ pages and YouTube channel. Stay connected and read more about our achievements on our blog!

On behalf of WBC, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

By Joemar Connie Carillo – Marketing Consultant