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As I sat on the Eurostar on Monday 10th March 2014, staring at the glaring sun awaking Brussels to a new day, a hint of sadness had befallen this “veteran” Junior Entrepreneur.

A blog post will not suffice to express my entire experience ascertained during those: 4 days – 96 hours – 5760 minutes – 345,600 seconds – 2,073,600 milliseconds, at the JADE Spring Meeting (JSM) 2014. I am the Finance Manager and Credit Controller of Westminster Business Consultants (WBC). In this blog, I seek to recount my experience at JSM 2014.

Westminster Business Consultants (WBC) - Shaurya, Mohammed, Marcus and Pietro

Westminster Business Consultants (WBC) – Shaurya, Mohammed, Marcus and Pietro

Trying to compare my experience at the JSM 2013 and JSM 2014, I can attest that this second experience has surpassed all of my expectations. Being stereotypically sceptical, which fits the profile of most Finance Managers, I thought that it would consist of the typical participants and speakers. But, this was far from the truth.

Going as a newly formed management team with new consultants, WBC members developed a stronger bond and team unison. Additionally, WBC formed and renewed partnerships and friendships with fellow junior enterprises and entrepreneurs.

As a manager, I felt that I had a greater level of responsibility to portray a professional image of WBC to our partners. Furthermore, I needed to be a mentor to my novice counterparts by exuding confidence through networking with fellow participants. This year, WBC established itself as the most interactive, social and charismatic Juniour Enterprise (JE) and formed connections and renewed partnerships with JE’s from Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Austria, France, Brazil, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Romania to name a few.

From WBC to the JADE Executive Board (ExBo) team for 2014, on behalf of my WBC colleagues, I would like to thank you for such a fantastic time. An event filled with insightful, influential and motivational speakers in the European Parliament as well as individuals and firms such as McKinsey & Company, AT Kearney and Intel. To negotiate and then host the workshops at the prestigious Solvay Brussels School.

My main suggestion for improvements of the future JADE Meetings is to make the event longer – by at least another day. Threed days is sadly insufficient.

The trip was extraordinary, not only did I as a WBC Manager reconnect with fellow entrepreneurs who are now managers in their respective JE’s, I also networked and shared “best practices” with fellow senior “Veteran” management who in JSM 2013 were also just a “Newbie”.

The most memorable workshops by far was by McKinsey & Company and AT Kearney. I also enjoyed the European parliament – I valued the controversial insight into cultures and business politics that affect me as a Juniour Entrepreneur.

My plans for the future are to stay as a Manager and maybe even become the next Managing Director of WBC, attend JEWC 2014, travel to Spain and Italy to meet fellow JE’s and share ideas, and even attend JSM in 2015.

The aspire to become a JADE Executive Board Member in 2016.

Westminster Business Consultants (WBC) at European Parliament - JADE Spring Meeting 2014 Opening Ceremony

Westminster Business Consultants (WBC) at European Parliament – JADE Spring Meeting 2014 Opening Ceremony

As a Manager, to my associates and fellow colleagues, remember that working for a JE under JADE is a fantastic opportunity to make a professional and personal network. It is the time to stand tall and with confidence and courage share your uniqueness to your European counterparts. Explore different avenues and widen your scope. Take yourself and your JE to an unprecedented place which only strengthens you, your colleagues and your company.

Desire, Dream, Drive, Determination and Execute– Nothing is impossible. Stand up and seize the day as if it is your last.

By: Mr Mohammed Rahman – WBC Finance Manager and Credit Controller