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WBC would like to give a warm welcome to our new consultants! We look forward to working together and trust that your input will enhance our team’s performance! 


Here at WBC, we pride ourselves on welcoming diversity into our team. We were awarded the Most International Junior Enterprise in 2015 by JADE, the European Confederation of Junior Enterprises, and at present, we have members of 27 nationalities from Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. Our consultants also have diverse educational backgrounds such as International Business, Economics, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Accounting, Management and Law. The WBC team is multilingual too, speaking 31 different languages in total!

We believe that high quality work is produced when distinctive sets of ideas and points of view, from people of all backgrounds and walks of life, come together. It is well known that teamwork increases the range of knowledge available to tackle a problem, allowing individuals to produce more accurate and creative results. This is because team members bring forth a breadth of knowledge, new perspectives and skills, and challenge each other’s views, leading to better decisions.


Our wonderful consultants have already put in practice their teamworking skills by supporting one another and sharing responsibility in tasks and projects. We have no doubt that the camaraderie between team members will increase their commitment towards WBC and our clientele.

WBC has recently welcomed our previous Managing Director, Mohammed Rahman, to train our consultants. The training session was a great opportunity to mix the consultants from different departments into teams in order to collaborate and work together to provide strategies to tackle the business problem presented.


The new consultants will have the opportunity to work with clients from different seniority levels and industries. Some of the many industries we have worked on in the past are Banking and Finance, Education, Food and Beverages, Technology and Retail. The services we offer to our customers include:

Market Research: is the core service of WBC and includes Primary and Secondary Research, Competitor Analysis and Consumer Profiling.

Marketing Consultancy: involves the display of the consultants’ creativity by providing high quality marketing advice. Services include Marketing Strategy, Marketing Operations Management, Business Promotion Strategy, Direct and Digital Marketing and Branding.

Performance Improvement: involves helping companies to grow in a sustainable manner. Services consist of Business Plans, Feasibility Studies, Business Operations Reviews and Business Development Strategies.

Digital Advisory: WBC provides businesses with creative online strategies by enhancing their online presence. Our services are Social Media Management and Development, Social Media Marketing, Web and App Development and Internet Marketing.

Event Management: WBC assists businesses in planning, promoting and executing events. Services include Event Management and Staffing and Support.

We are confident that our services produce successful and proficient results, as we are also able to tailor our services to fulfil our clients’ needs.

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Fahmida BegumMarketing Consultant