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WBC has successfully completed its second round of recruitment this academic year, with an intention to expand our current team.

During the recruitment process many of you showed a strong interested in WBC. I am sure that you all know that WBC is a Junior Enterprise, but I believe it’s not enough! There is so much more to it, hence I’m listing my 8 top reasons why you should join WBC.  

1. You will Push Your Academic Skills to The Next Level!


Reason number one is obvious – put your academic theory into practice!

When I joined WBC, I was aware I did not possess all the necessary employability skills. Fortunately, one of the main goals of WBC is to help students become Junior Entrepreneurs. Throughout the academic year, we consistently received trainings on CVs, Cover Letters, Networking, Cold Calling and Email Dropping.

So whether you want to apply your knowledge or you are just at the very beginning of your educational journey, WBC is the perfect opportunity to stay one step ahead.

2. You Can Have a Taste of The Real Business Word!

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Having a good academic record and successfully completing your assignments is a good start. However, you need relevant work experience while you are learning at university.

Working as a consultant with clients from different industries and backgrounds, will give you a better understanding of the current business environment. At the same time, it will be a unique opportunity to improve your problem-solving skills by providing creative solutions for clients.

However, do not worry that we will be pushing you straight into the deep end! You will receive all the support you need from the team and from your manager.

3. You Will Become Savvy in Networking!


You will definitely start to like networking.

If you ever disliked it, I can probably understand as I used to be in the same position. The thought of talking with a stranger used to be frightening to me. However, WBC helped me overcome this fear thanks to training sessions and tips on how to boost my confidence and my elevator pitch.

Now, I don’t miss a chance to attend networking events with the team.

4. You Will Increase Your Cultural Awareness!


“Companies are made up of people and people think and act in a thousand different ways, if you want to stand out as a professional, make sure you are ready to adapt to them” – JEWC 2016

WBC understands the importance of multiculturalism, as we believe it gives us an edge over our competitors. We believe different cultures breed different ideas and opinions.

Our team contains over 20 nationalities and 25 languages are spoken throughout our team. In addition to many international projects, this helped us win the JADE Excellence Award for The Most International Junior Enterprise in 2015.

5. You Will Want to Do More and More after Positive Feedback!

Thanks to WBC, my website is exactly what I wanted it to be! It was great to work with young professionals…their enthusiasm was infectious; and the understanding of my vision was excellent”.  Natasha Salkey – Jewellery Designer.

This is self-explanatory. The constructive feedback we receive from our clients keeps us motivated and helps us improve.

6. We Are All in This Together!


WBC is proud to partner with other Junior Enterprise across many countries in Europe, Brazil and the United States.

WBC is part of JADE – an umbrella organisation for more than 280 student-run businesses, across 200 universities, in 14 European countries. Every year, JADE organises meetings and conferences, which are attended by all these junior entrepreneurs, including WBC.

The opportunities to network and meet like-minded individuals are amazing!

7. It’s like You Have Found a Second Family!


WBC is more than just gathering data, client meetings and conference calls.

As a big family, we like to support each other at all times. We work, study and socialise together.

8. Saying Good-Bye is Hard!


Last but not least, you will always come back.

Regardless of how long you have stayed with us, you will always have a home at WBC. This is the norm here, with many of our previous members of WBC coming back and inspiring us with their successful careers.

That’s my top 8 reasons to join WBC. If you would like to hear about exciting news and upcoming projects, make sure to like/follow our Facebook, Twitter,LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ pages and YouTube channel.

By Julia Eke– Marketing Consultant.