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Annually, the Westminster Business Consultants (WBC) host the much anticipated, Handover Ceremony. Without exception, this handover ceremony,  was one of the most memorable! It was an outstanding event and I was proud to be a part of it for the second time. It was a great environment for welcoming the new consultants, saying goodbye to former members and reminiscing about past adventures, projects and the European Confederation of Junior Enterprises (JADE) meetings.

We had the honour of listening to the speeches of some great individuals: the Dean; Professor Barbara Allan congratulated WBC for all the work accomplished over our 18 years of existence. Afterwards, Mr Victor Soto – our former Managing Director (MD) and current JADE Vice-President – explained the many benefits of being part of the WBC family. Furthermore, Mr Akshay Gakhar (our current MD) presented a plan for the year to come and introduced the new management team.

Finally, we had the privilege of hearing some great stories from previous WBC members. It was inspiring to hear about their experience. This served as motivation for the WBC team to continue working and excelling at all our endeavours. The stories and buoyancy was accompanied by wine and delicious snacks in the Cavendish Campus Pavilion, a place as elegant as the attendees.

At the event, the new consultants shared a secret with me: “the ceremony was the moment when they started feeling part of something great, part of an amazing team and they felt like they could make friends for life here”. I can recollect this exact feeling at the last Handover Ceremony, when I first joined this amazing organisation and had the opportunity to meet such great human beings.

The ceremony was followed by a lovely dinner at a dainty Italian restaurant. All former and existing WBC members had a blast in one of the most beautiful capitals of the world, London.

WBC Handover Ceremony 2013

WBC Handover Ceremony 2013

Andra Zorocliu, Senior Westminster Business Consultant