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It is finally that time of year where Westminster Business Consultants (WBC UK) commences its Spring Recruitment.

This is a perfect opportunity to recruit brilliant, ambitious and gifted new student consultants to the ever-growing team.

WBC UK, being the only junior enterprise in the UK, has been operating for the last 18 years delivering excellent market research, event management, business consultancy, web development and now, financial services to small to medium sized companies. In the process, WBC endeavours to instil in our aspiring recruits the tools and experience necessary to stand-out in this competitive graduate labour market.

By applying for a position at WBC UK, individuals are guaranteed to be worked hard, but also guaranteed several opportunities to play hard. A culture of productivity, networking and team building has been fostered and instilled in WBC consultants. Furthermore, being awarded the JADE‘s Most International Juniour Enterprise 2010, WBC endeavours to create diversity in recruitment in cooperating students from different countries, backgrounds, disciplines and interests.

Please, do not let this opportunity pass you by. Apply now with your CV and Cover Letter!

Applications will be accepted until the 9th of February 2014.