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The Westminster Business Consultants (WBC) is back from summer hiatus!

The WBC management team has been preparing tirelessly for this pivotal event to commence… The WBC Autumn/Winter Recruitment has finally began! It is now that bitter-sweet time of year, where we say good bye to graduating consultants and handover to new managing staff.

WBC is in search of new, innovative, talented, committed and driven young entrepreneurs, looking to add value to their university experience by working in the only juniour enterprise found in the UK.

WBC UK has been operational for nearly 19 years delivering exceptional market research, event management, business consultancy, web development, and financial services to small to medium sized companies. Furthermore, WBC endeavours to instil in our aspiring recruits the tools and experience necessary to stand-out in an ever-growing, competitive graduate labour market.

Awarded the JADE‘s Most International Juniour Enterprise 2010, WBC strives to create cultural diversity in recruitment in cooperating students from different countries, backgrounds, disciplines and interests. WBC offers voluntary positions in the Marketing, Business Development, Information Technology, Finance, International Relations and Human Resource Departments. Expect to find an ideal environment for young, entrepreneurial and gifted young people to put ‘theory into practice’ and  gain a practical aspect of their university experience.

Please, do not waste this unique opportunity.  Visit our Careers Page for more details: http://www.wbc-uk.com/about/careers.

Apply with your CV and Application Form by emailing: hr@wbc-uk.com.

Recruitment ends on Friday, 3rd of October, 2014.

WBC Recruitment Deadline 2014

WBC Recruitment Deadline 2014