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Westminster Business Consultants represents an opportunity to gain valuable experience for your career by immersing yourself in a real consultancy environment. Your skill set will be further developed by a network that aspires to deliver results through practical experience. Contribute to your personal and professional development, and start your journey here as a Junior Entrepreneur.


Our Departments

Audit Department 

Internal Audit Procedures, KPIs, and Standards.

The Audit department is responsible for developing and implementing quality policies, controls, and guidelines including the ISO9001: 2015 International Quality Management Guidelines. Here you will be responsible for making sure the company is operating at its best potential and all departments are compliant with quality standards. You will be responsible for monitoring both departmental, project, and individual consultants' KPIs. You will also be writing, updating, and reviewing Standard Operating Procedures for each department. We welcome anyone with confidence, excellent English grammar skills, and the ability to work cross departments. 


Please note: This department does not require prior knowledge of accounting, finance or mathematics.

Business Development Department 

Client Relations, Sales, and Partnerships.

The Business Development department is responsible for helping the organisation grow by acquiring clients, projects and establishing a sustainable customer relationship. The department is responsible for sales, the establishment of partnerships & sponsorships and project acquisition ensuring profitability and growth in the organisation. The successful candidate will be a highly motivated, confident, business-minded person, someone who is able to build and maintain positive relationships with clients and partners.


You must be a good sales person with excellent oral and written communication skills and a good decision maker.

Human Resources Department 

Talent Development, Recruitment, and Consultant Management.

The Human Resources department works closely with every consultant and is responsible for creating a safe and friendly environment. Apart from working on the recruitment processes, appraisals of the consultants and overall departments, you will be required to organise events throughout the year for consultants’ professional and personal development.


We are looking for a candidate who has strong communication and interpersonal skills as well as organisational skills.

International Development Department 

International Relations, JE UK, and JEE Connection.

The International Development department is responsible for all of WBC's international activities including establishing and maintaining contact with Junior Enterprises Europe, international embassies, international firms and partners as well as fostering the Junior Enterprises movement through our enlargement division in the UK and internationally.


We are looking for a candidate who is flexible, a keen multitasker and preferably bilingual.

Law Department 

Legal Compliance, Legal Drafting, and Legal Research.

The Law Department aims to provide WBC with legal assistance and ensure that the organisation is in compliance with the most updated regulations. It works closely with the other departments in order to draw up and revise any document containing legal aspects, so that it always safeguards the best interests of WBC.


We are looking for consultants who show confidence, good research and the ability to accomplish different tasks.

Marketing & Events Department 

Social Media Management, Branding, and Event Planning.

The Marketing & Events department is responsible for creating content for WBC social media channels, design marketing materials to promote the services of WBC and raise the awareness of the brand through various other means. It is important to be able to work independently in the department and present your ideas effectively. The department focuses on the organisation of several internal and external events to raise brand awareness within the university and also within the professional landscape. External events include panel discussions, corporate speakers, etc. This requires you to contact potential speakers and sponsors, while also creating budget proposals for the events and identify engaging topics.


We are seeking consultants who are creative, organised, and have strong confidence in their English grammar skills.

Application Requirements

Application Process

Must be a Student at the University of Westminster

Need to be motivated, committed, be able to work in a team, and take initiative

Available for a minimum of 10 hours per week

Proficient in Microsoft Office and Google Drive

Fluent In English

1) Online Application
2) Assessment Centre
3) Individual Interview

4) Successful Applicants

After successfully completing this process you will be invited to join the outstanding team here at WBC and attend a Bootcamp.

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