B2B: How to Successfully Sell a Product or a Service

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Written by Petya Stoyanova

How important is it to sell a service? The business world revolves around this query. If a firm cannot sell the services they are providing, they will not have the necessary income to continue operating.

However, it is 2017 and a business can no longer “just sell” their product or service. They need to do it successfully. Better than before and better than everyone else. So, the question that arises is how do we do that?

Develop solutions and services

Identify your skills and capabilities. Think realistically, what can you provide for your clients. Think of real cases and ideas on what solutions can you offer. Then simply develop what you have, so that it is more unique and on a better level than your competitors.

Identify potential clients

Think about your target, but do not ignore your wider audience. Research how recent economic events are affecting businesses. Let them know that BREXIT will not be a problem for them, because you can help them in a particular way. And yet, keep it realistic. Do not give promises you are not sure you can fulfil.


This is an imperative stage because this is where you need to REALLY sell and promote your services. You need to think about every detail that goes into the process; Every problem and every solution you can deliver. But do not get fooled by the word “sell”, your job is to help them buy you.


Now you have passed the proposing stage. Your client has agreed and made the deal with you for your product or service. This is not the end stage, however. A common mistake is thinking you have already succeeded. Now is the time when you need to show them you are committed more than ever and your words will be kept.


Now do it. Finish the project. Make them happy that they have chosen, trusted, and invested in you. Make them want to choose you again in the future. The real success comes when you know you have done beyond what was expected from you, so the client comes back again. And again. And again.

If you’ve passed the last stage. Congratulations. You’ve sold your services. But remember, you don’t just want that. You want to do it successfully! So, there is one last thing to have in mind. More personal, which should be a part of all these stages. And that is your relationship with your client.

Speak their “language”.

Get along with them.

Be honest.

And simply, concentrate on the benefits, not on the features.

Remember, no great thing was done overnight. You cannot force something that’s not there. You cannot force your passion and convince your client into something that even you do not believe in. Instead, take your time and learn from your mistakes. After all, your clients will believe in you only when you believe in yourself completely. 100%.

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