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“Too Good To Go” is a great app download for consumers as well as restaurants and most importantly for the environment. According to the app developers, 1/3 of all produced food is wasted every year. The app is enabling all the restaurants, cafes, hotels, and shops on the app to sell their left-over food at cheaper prices. Customers can buy the food at a cheaper price and also do their part in attempting to reduce food waste. By reducing waste, the customers’ actions aids in reducing waste in the whole food production chain.

Some say this waste is caused at the farms, i.e wastage of labor in the whole process from farm to table, wastage of other resources such as electricity, storage, maintenance, etc. With the help of the app, the restaurants and customers collectively are able to help save the environment.

Business Review

With a business perspective, the app partially overlaps with the ongoing market trend of having a shared economy which also creates the capacity to save financial resources for the customers and to reduce resource usage. Shared economy business models can be seen in various industries such as shared cabs in transport, shared/service apartments in accommodation, home share housing in social care, family subscriptions in digital services, and so on. However, as each business models have their own set of advantages and complications the food industry owns a few.

Firstly, the food industry cycle is fast paced as the products are perishable. Secondly, the customer behaviour is complex and depends on various factors such as location of the store, time of the day, time of the week, weather, ongoing trends, and other external factors. Thirdly, in a city like London with a fast paced lifestyle, there is a consumer trend to buy food from nearby stores or to order online in comparison to the frequency of planned meal trips.

At the same time the food industry holds a few advantages. The demand for food is everlasting and continuous. Changes in the frequency of demand in food industry are predictable even by small scale businesses. Shared economy concept integrated in the food market is one of the major interests for consumers who are motivated to reduce the negative impact of waste on the planet. It can also be implied without a use of research backing that people do not like to waste food.

The “Too Good To Go” app started in June 2016. The website of the company boasts 1.002.583 food buyers associated with the app, 1.805 stores and contributing to saving 1.839.313 Kg of CO2. Currently the app is operating in 12 countries, all in Europe and headquartered in Denmark. The industries the company overlaps with are food, technology, and application software. The business model falls in the basket of consumer trends such as shared economy, environment oriented, and social business.

Mette Lykke, CEO of the company, is the woman behind the movement, or rather the evangelist behind the huge number of food waste warriors.


As we move closer to 2020, our capacity to bring a change by means of business is developing due to technological developments, availability of various data and the conscious want of people to make the world a place instead of keeping it only close to business.

The question remains how further we can use the technology to reduce food waste in other parts of world and provide it to those with a lack of food resources. The question remains, how can we create a balance between food waste and food shortage in a globally shared economy.


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