Content marketing: the king in building relationships with consumers

Updated: Apr 2

Written by Natalia Szczucka, Marketing Specialist at ConQuest consulting

Are you involved in marketing activities, but they do not bring the expected results? The problem may be with the bottom of everything you do - the content you create and share. Content is one of the essential elements of marketing, which, if used correctly, can bring many benefits.

What is content marketing?

It is nothing more than reaching your audience with content that will interest them and be valuable to them. As a marketing strategy, it is, of course, also intended to attract potential customers. Therefore, the content we create often relates to services, products, or the brand image itself.

Blogs, posts in social media, e-mails, newsletters, and e-books are a few examples of how you probably already use content in your activities. However, if you want to get down to a higher level of content marketing, it is worth paying attention to one crucial aspect - content is not only written content! This must be kept in mind because all other forms also influence our success (or lack thereof).

What else can we include in this?

• Infographics,

• Audiobooks,

• Video,

• Podcasts,

• Pictures,

• Multimedia presentations,

• GIFs,

• Webinars

There are many more such examples. It is worth choosing the right form for the type of business you conduct, and as you can see, the choice is broad. Thanks to this, the message will be more natural because you will do what you can and what fits your business's image.

What are the benefits of content marketing?

This, of course, is what most people are most interested in - is it worth it to create content? What can we gain by devoting more time and attention to it? As you'll see, most of the effects come from one another.

1. Engage your audience

The main goal of content marketing is to engage your audience and attract attention - and that's what we want to achieve. These two factors will allow us to develop new goals that will result from them, so you must prioritize when creating content. Of course, it all depends on what effects we want to achieve and what content we make - but it is still the clue of everything. The central assumption is to acquire new customers who are also potential customers. So remember that content is intended for humans - this principle will help you throughout the process, but you'll learn more about it in the next article in this series.


Content marketing is directly related to inbound marketing. This means that appropriate content increases the number of views on our website and increases traffic on it.

3. New customers

This, in turn, can lead to increased sales and new, repeat customers who will keep coming back to your store. They can, of course, also be new readers coming back to your blog. Once again, it all depends on what effects you expect and where you want to redirect your audience.

4. Image

Content is also an ideal tool to enhance your image or create it from the very beginning. If you decide to blog, you have the chance to create an image of an expert that will reflect your business. Publishing expert articles, videos, or podcasts will also have an additional impact on the range's promotion and expansion. Building an expert image as an example will make people take your opinion into account. As a result, when they need information on a topic, I will come back to your blog and recommend it to others.

5. Trust

You will build trust among your audience by sharing content that is helpful, credible, and problem-solving for them. They will want to come back to such senders because they will feel safe - they will trust what you convey.

6. Engage your audience

The use of content also has the potential to engage recipients in communication with the brand. That is why it is important to publish content that is interesting and influencing the recipient because it will encourage them to express their opinions. For the same reason, it's also a good idea to use emotionality in your messages to enable them to interact with you. All kinds of surveys, polls, or contests are perfect for creating engagement. If you operate on Instagram, it is worth taking this into account - instantly is the ideal place to develop such activities. This is an essential point because thanks to good communication, you will be able to tailor your products and services to your customers' needs. You will learn what needs to be changed, what they are missing, or completely unnecessary.

Content has great power that can influence your business positively, but also quite the opposite. In the next article, we will explain how to create content that will interest your audience and will benefit you.

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