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Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Written by Marina Bianca Baciu 

Digital marketing is known as the management of marketing using new technologies such as computers, smartphones, the internet of things(IoT) and social media. The introduction of new technologies has changed the way in which people communicate and the way in which marketing operates.

The marketing process refers to promoting and selling products and it has acquired more importance after the introduction of social media and internet marketing, the two most important forms of digital marketing. These tools are vital in helping a business to move from a one-side mass communication platform to a more interactive and participatory communication level between a company and its customers.

The internet has held an imperative impact on marketing since it allows a company to promote its products and services to everyone across the world at the same time. The company can reach a larger number of people and increase the number of customers all by expanding advertising on all the channels available.

Digital marketing is not only used only to promote a product or service, but also to collect and analyse consumers’ information which help a marketer to better understand customers’ needs and wants. Companies that introduce digital marketing into their businesses have increased levels of performance than others because they are more informed about consumers’ behaviour. Through different platforms like social media, people are able to share their data and preferences and also to comment on products and services that a company promote.

An important role in the promoting process is covered by the influencers, very famous people who use their social media profile to promote a company’s products or services. They have an important influence on the consumers’ mindset and choices.

Digital marketing is preferred by marketers because it offers a lot of advantages. It is cost-effective and cheaper than traditional advertising; posting on social media is inexpensive as opposed to publishing on printed platforms. Internet adverts are also easier to manage and upload; a company can operate virtually 24 hours per day and 7 days per week, which means that the marketing process is not influenced by the value of time. Another important characteristic of digital advertising is that it can be better personalized to target a specific group of people and it can be produced using different formats, such as advertising through videos, audios, and graphics.

The most common disadvantages of using digital marketing to promote a product and collect information about consumers are that in this process, there can be a lack of privacy towards the consumers and this can lead to digital advertising being labelled as intrusive. Although the new technologies are so widespread among the population across the world, not everyone has access to digital technologies and this could be a limitation for the digital marketing world. Companies look to still maintain some traditional ways to promote their products.

With the continuous improvement and diffusion of new technologies, digital marketing will become the most important way to manage the marketing process and it will help increase the performance of a business.

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