Human Resources: The Door to Success

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Written by Emujin Munkh-Erdene


Every operating company has a Human Resource Department and it is said that it is an essential department. However, do the employees really understand why Human Resource (HR) is as important as it is said to be?

When the common question: ‘Which department from your company is the best?’ is asked, many reply with Marketing or Finance, generally shadowing HR. It may be true that HR is not the most exciting and popular department but the millennials need to shed their skin out of the thinking that HR does not contribute to the overall sales of the company.

The now-popular phrase People Are the Brand is not just a superficial expression. The product, the brand is being sold but most importantly, the customer service and authenticity depend heavily on the people who are selling the brand. The employees who make up the culture of the company need to be well-trained, skilful and satisfied with the environment of the company. These essential qualities of the employees are not always there from the start. HR needs to recruit qualified workers, however, above all, HR needs to make sure the employees are getting the training they need in order to achieve high performance.

Desired skills

Nowadays, adaptiveness, having a clear vision and customer-based attitude are turning out to be the crucial qualities of successful companies. An employee who is ready for change and is motived about their work will be the core of the business. Unfortunately, nobody is constantly like that, people wear out. But, with a strong Human Resource Management, it is possible for employees to have a high incentive to contribute.

The core of the business

I like to say that the core of any business lies in Human Resource. With a team that is always ready and with an employer who values human capital, how wonderful an environment to work in will that be? If you are in conflict with/within the company or if your company does not provide necessary training and gate to development, how motivated to work will you be?


One person can never be a company, one person can never be a team. One who values teamwork, values HR. Many companies lack a proper HR department and workforce to sustain the workload. The fact that HR is one of the most important department is simply not realised enough by many. This needs to change to make a healthy environment and to have a successful company.

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