How to Sell Yourself to Employers Through the Use of a CV

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Written by Petya Stoyanova 

Finding a job in the business field can be very competitive and sometimes challenging, so we all need to be aware of how to successfully sell ourselves to employers. The first step is the CV. It is what employers look at first, so it needs to represent who you are as a person in terms of education, experience, interests and most importantly, skills. Creating a CV should not just be about writing your life in a chronological way. It should be thoughtful, applied to the position you are looking for, and it should also be edited; A lot of edits. In fact, each time you are applying for a job position, your CV should be edited in a way that represents why you would be the ideal candidate for that specific role. Keeping this in mind, and the following advice, you should be ready to go into the world of work.

1. Keep it simple

You don’t want to show that you know long and academic words. You want to keep it simple, while also formal because your potential employer will not spend 30 minutes just reading your CV. Or 10 minutes. Or even 5. So, the more precise you keep it, the better.

2. Check your spelling

You can never be too sure that all your spelling is correct. So, each time you are planning to submit it somewhere, check! Check if the last time you updated your email, you wrote everything correctly. In fact, check if you do need to update your email or any other information. You don’t want to give a telephone number which is not used anymore, or you might wonder why you never got a response from that job.

3. Stand out

You want to be the chosen candidate, but remember, there will be many candidates who will have a similar educational background as yours. Be unique. Take part in activities that will enhance your skills, but also enhance your CV. Try to not focus on the end result, but on the whole process and the skills, you developed through it.

4. Use an appropriate template

No matter how creative you can be, try to use an appropriate template for the structure of your CV. The correct layout, font and size. And make sure that if the job is UK based and doesn’t require you to send an image of yourself, do not include one in your CV. No matter how photogenic you are.

Simple pieces of advice to give you a kick start in your CV writing process. But always try to get feedback from a professional, either a teacher or an advisor from your local Careers Advice Centre. With this being said, you are ready to go into the world of work.

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